How Aiken Active Seniors came to life…
When I was a little girl I often went to work with my mother who was a nurse in a nursing home in Greenwood, SC. I spent most of my evenings “playing” with her patients. Now I realize that a lot of my friends at the nursing home had dementia, but as a child I just thought they had great imaginations! As I grew up, I found myself still wanting to spend time with seniors, so I too became a nurse and trained as a Gerontology Specialist. For almost 20 years I have cared for seniors in many environments including Long Term Care, Hospice and Assisted Living. I am proof that the old saying is true: “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life”! My passion, and a lot of prayers, led me to open Aiken Active Seniors because I wanted to give our community another quality option for senior care. Come by today to see why I believe that, when the young at heart gather together, they blossom!
Karen Poteat, LPN
Karen Poteat
Gerontology/Dementia Specialist
Owner, Aiken Active Seniors

elderly5Who is best suited for Aiken Active Seniors?

bullet copySeniors who are socially isolated and would benefit from daily structure and socialization.

bullet copySeniors who are exhibiting signs of depression, withdrawal or a general physical decline.

bullet copySeniors who cannot be safely left unsupervised while a caregiver works or tends to personal business.

bullet copySeniors who are being cared for by a caregiver who needs a quality, cost-effective option for respite care.

bullet copySeniors who may be physically or cognitively challenged, but do not require daily nursing care.

bullet copySeniors who are in the early to moderate stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, but do not wander or have challenging behaviors.

bullet copySeniors who do not have frequent bowel incontinence.